WCry2 Ransomware Outbreak!

You've probably all seen the latest outbreak which has infected over 200,000 computers in a matter of days.

The threat was intensely severe for large networks such as the NHS, but also for small to midsize businesses. Possibly one of the worst in a long time! Exploiting a vulnerability which was identified months ago, but not adopted by many businesses due to outdated software such as Server 2008, Windows XP and Outdated Updates/Anti Virus

We're proud to confirm that none of our clients were effected by the outbreak on Friday and that by security design practice, our clients are updated.

We're also proud to confirm that all of our firewall implementations block this exploit from automatically passing into your network (without user intervention).

It's vital that your network is well maintained/updated and that you and all your employees have someone to call if they ever feel uncertain about a virus email or a suspicious link.

Get your network well maintained with eRIGHT Managed Services. Our all inclusive soundboard means you have UNLIMITED access to our engineers and even directors whenever you're concerned.

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