Office 365 is an Effective Software/Hosting Suite that delivers the latest Business Class features to SMB's and Enterprises.

We all strive for our business to look and operate in a professional way. We spend thousands of pounds on corporate identity, stationary and websites. Likewise we invest in our I.T. to create reliable and secure ways for e-mailing, messaging, conferencing and interacting with one another.

The considerable costs involved with buying and maintaining a secure system in house can be extremely prohibitive and you can often find yourself choosing hardware and software you can justifiably afford rather than the right solution for your business.

eRIGHT, as part of their Microsoft Partner status,

have the perfect and affordable solution.

Microsoft Office 365 is the affordable

cloud-computing subscription that gives you

industry leading business tools without the need

to invest in expensive I.T. hardware, software

and personnel.

  • Includes & Integrates Microsoft Office Desktop PC Software

  • Exchange email with Shared Calendars, Distribution Groups and Business Class Features.

  • Streamlined Update. Office 365 Is always up to date. Maintained by Microsoft Directly, and updates automatically download.

  • Accessible and Online. View on Tablets, PC's and Many More!

  • 1TB Online Storage with OneDrive on Many Packages.

  • Collaborate on the Same Office Documents. Work as a Team Live with Instant Messaging.

  • Arrange Online Meetings and Video Conferencing with your Customers.
    Maintain your professional presence & competence.

  • Add extras such as Microsoft Project, Access, Visio, CRM and Many More!

We're also a 1-Tier Cloud Service Provider!

We're now a Tier 1 Microsoft CSP. This level of Competency allows us to provide Full Solutions,

Migrations and Support for Office 365. A 21st Century Email & Office Solution.

We can supply Office 365 Licensing and Subscriptions Directly,

Simplify your billing and achieve affordable excellence now!.

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