Business Class Networks

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Our expertise is from an Enterprise background. This enables us to architect high performance and dependable networks while accommodating the budget and needs of any size business.

We strive to provide excellent deals and solutions for our customers, check our testimonials to see our work. 

Our vast range of technology experience includes:

  • Microsoft Windows Networks (with Server 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016),

  • TCP/IP Networks (Inc. IPv4 & IPv6).

  • Remote Access Solutions (Direct Access, VPN, Etc).

  • WAN Technologies (Installation and Consultation)

  • LAN Switches & Technologies (VLAN, Segregation)

  • Structured Copper Cabling (CAT5e, CAT6), Fiber Systems

  • Wi-Fi Solutions and Technologies
    (We are able to provide comprehensive audits and solutions)

  • Building P2P Wireless Links (High Capacity, WISP, Low Range)

  • Desktop Computers, Typical Workforce Computers & CAD Capable Machines.

  • Specialist Systems (Label Printers, CNC Computers) 

But don't worry if that was too technical, we're here to help consult any project large or small. 

Call us on 01909 541155. eRIGHT provide full solutions and proposals letting you focus on your core business (what you do best!). Our friendly team is easy to approach and happy to quote!

Management Support and Consultation.

We can also help you reduce the risks of owning your ICT network.

You might compare this part of our business with that of servicing your fleet of vehicles with the added bonus that we will be on hand to prevent problems before they occur. Imagine if you had a professional watching over your I.T infrastructure that is able to both pre-empt serious system failures or illicit attacks and fix them instantly without the loss of your systems integrity. Well with eRIGHT’s I.T Management and Data Centre you will have just that.

Furthermore you will be able to define and fix the cost of hosting and managing your entire I.T System. By breaking down the costs into affordable and ‘budget-able’ amounts you will no longer have the fear of serious I.T expenditure spikes due to system failure or breaches in security.

Server Installation

Server Installation

Computer Deployment

Computer Deployment

Network Infrastructure.

Network Infrastructure.