Off-Site Backup & Disaster Recovery

Full System Backup & DR Hybrid Solution!


eRIGHT proudly provide a range of backup solutions individually architect to the needs of your business. Our Off-Site virtualisation backup and disaster recovery is incredibly cost effective versus buying expensive software licensing and incurring in-house storage costs!

furthermore, our solution can be maintained on & off-site giving your business the flexibility and availability it needs.

  • No need to check backups

  • No swapping tapes every morning!

  • Reduce risk of carrying data home nightly!

  • Save expense of on-site storage and backup equipment

  • Easily restored and backed by Virtualisation Technology.

How long does it take to restore from your Existing TAPE or Cloud Provider?

1 Day? 2 Days? Then start rebuilding your systems, pay for expensive

consultation charges and the days upon days of engineer time.

Your network is left "similar" to before the disaster, a few things may

need tweaking. The problem that caused the disaster may still be there?

eRIGHT have a better solution. Your entire server can be streamed off-site. Including User Accounts, Permissions, Files, Programs, and Databases. With support for Windows & Linux. Microsoft Hyper-V.

Effective Backup & Fast Recovery Times.

Reduce the risk of running your ICT Network. Before its too late!